We walk on many fragile lines – the line between life and death, happiness and sadness, trust and betrayal. Fruit becomes poison when taken in toxic quantities and people become venom when you get too close.

Suddenly, the mask unviels and the truth comes into focus, in full high definition as opposed to the blurred pixels which we perceived before. The lap on which we curled up on for comfort, the lap which cured us of all our ailments becomes the same lap that forces us to look for other laps to rest on. Fire is a dangerous thing to mess with because it burns you and leaves behind scars that stain us for life and that’s what people are – fire. Fire that’s initially warm and curt and resides in a fire place, the fire on which we bake marshmallows and place our hands on to cure us of the cold is suddenly summoned by the devil and spreads like wild fire, burning down vegetation, taking down the good in the forests of our hearts and replacing it with the dark residues of ashes of our own damaged and broken soul. So, put on your fire fighter suits on and pray that you don’t get crusted by the cross fire of life.



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  1. WHOA. This was one the best things I’ve read in a while. I can’t tell you how AWESOME I think this was. Like WOW.
    Keep writing I cant wait for more posts!!


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