How can I say?

That Everything is going to be fine

How can I lie?

That you will be alright

You have lost much more than you had bargained for

You have lost someone, and now you are shattered down to your very soul

Yes, you don’t deserve this

Yes, life is a bitch

Everything you once owned is now nothing

But don’t you worry dear

Because you can’t have a rainbow,

without a little rain

You have me even if the time won’t let us be

You say you are fine

But don’t you see I can see it in your eyes

The pain which you are holding on to

The grieve that you are not letting go

So darling for now let me just take away it all

-Artemis Hunt


Add yours

  1. Loosing someone is something which should never happen to anyone , because no amount of healing can repair it… Time can only fade away the wounds but nit the scars…

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