His body lingered with smell of rum
Although he never intended to have some
His hands were warm but his heart was dark
He was a prince with his black trademark

His eyes spoke the word of serene
Little did I lost myself, in between
The world around him so did it seem
Like a dream lost in another dream

His body glimmered in the perfect moonlight
I wasn’t able to hate him even though how much I tried
How many times did I try to loathe him
How many times did I shattered and died

But as for the very moment
For the very night
my arms wrapped around his
without keeping him out of sight
With a gentle touch did his hand kissed my hair
With a gentle smile did he vanished all my fear

So let a wish o’mine come true
Let it for once make me say I fancy you
Even though our time is short
Even though I am not what you want
Let me for once just hold you all night long
And sing you a melancholy song
Kiss you till I’m out of breathe
Reminisce about the memories which we’ll never make

And at the end when it’ll all be over
the dreams which I longed for will shatter
And the tears which were held in me will fill up the ocean
Forever will I be prisoned in the cage of darkness?
Or forever will my heart be left broken?





//*Author’s Note:

words scribbled on paper or notepad are not just ordinary words but a story which is a portal to unravel one’s secret in life.

So is such mine.

Each poems which i have uploaded have their own story which is just a mean for me to escape this reality and share my past.

This one i would like to dedicate to someone i had crush on back in school days. We used to be amazing friends. he was always there when i needed someone and cared for me like no one else did and because for who he was, slowly did i start falling for him. But senior year was over and it was too late for me to say anything much rather confess it because i knew nothing could have been done, we’ll be going our separate ways soon and therefore it’ll be meaningless.

I clearly remember that was the last day i ever saw of him in continuation party. He was beautiful no denying, but i didn’t have guts to tell him that or tell him i liked him. i had many opportunities but something held me from doing it.  I couldn’t do anything  but stand there to bid him my last farewell as he dropped me back home.

No, I was not sad or anything and no, you need not to pity me. It was a decision I made which I’m not so proud of but sometime things are just the way they are.

Though it could have turned the other way around if i had done the latter.

We don’t know what future holds for us but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take risk or else we’ll just end up with regret and hurt. So get up laddie, go talk to her/him and tell them how much they mean to you. time is not infinite so cherish however much you have right now. *//


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