If I look back at you again Left with no words but only scars How could I have stayed the way I was When all you did was break me down into million shards And now as I stand in front of the mirror See the flesh being clawed by thy feral raven Was there... Continue Reading →



She locked her heart in a cage whose key was made of ice. With a smile on her face, she saw the mess of a puddle the key left on the floor as her caged heart grew wings now. That’s when she learned that the spirited can’t be controlled, the spirited cannot be tamed. If... Continue Reading →


His body lingered with smell of rum Although he never intended to have some His hands were warm but his heart was dark He was a prince with his black trademark His eyes spoke the word of serene Little did I lost myself, in between The world around him so did it seem Like a... Continue Reading →


We walk on many fragile lines - the line between life and death, happiness and sadness, trust and betrayal. Fruit becomes poison when taken in toxic quantities and people become venom when you get too close. Suddenly, the mask unviels and the truth comes into focus, in full high definition as opposed to the blurred... Continue Reading →


How can I say? That Everything is going to be fine How can I lie? That you will be alright You have lost much more than you had bargained for You have lost someone, and now you are shattered down to your very soul Yes, you don't deserve this Yes, life is a bitch Everything... Continue Reading →


Yet just another confession, just another story To live or to die, as I walked on this thin line Being called a mistake my whole life Mother, was I even a good child? How many times was I tossed between being sane or insane Love was the only thing which seemed so strange Dreams which... Continue Reading →

 Everyone gets lost at sea sometimes, when we feel like the harbour isn't visible and land is a word that was a mere figment of our imagination. All we find around us is deep, scary, endless water that sees no end, no beginning and no shore.  We hold our breaths in, close our eyes shut... Continue Reading →

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